Research And Development

YUVA Youths Union For Voluntary Action plays active role in undertaking Research Studies, provide research, training, and consultation to build and enhance the capacity for human service systems change through evidence-based practice.

The organization has undertaken a series of Base line studies, End line, Evaluation studies, impact assessment studies to facilitate affirmative action, undertake Rehabilitation and Resettlement strategies.

All such research studies act as a planning tool for the various interventions of YUVA which also act as a monitoring and evaluation tool for the interventions of the organization. YUVA ensures the participation of community in the process so that the ultimate purpose of the intervention is achieved.

By promoting collaboration with various partners, YUVA

  • Creates more effective and inclusive research strategies
  • Disseminates research findings to improve service practice
  • Designs and conducts needs assessments of public health and social service problems and service systems
  • Plans and implements service delivery programs
  • Evaluates program and policy impacts
  • Provides training in research methods and data analysis
  • Provides technical assistance to social service and public health agencies
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