Social Inclusion

YUVA strength lies in its Human Resource who are enriched with vast experience of implementing village to national level development programs in diverse sectors. YUVA Implements Impactful Multi-sectoral CSR Initiatives and have partnered with reputed public sector enterprises and corporate through public and private partnerships at the community, national and global level, Our work spread across these following areas

YUVA works extensively to reach out and rehabilitate differently able people from the underprivileged segment. Through our initiatives we focus on alleviating disabilities and providing proper Physical, Social, and Economic Rehabilitation to the needy. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programs to engage family members, school administrators, community members, and local leaders and develop an inclusive environment within the society.

At YUVA we conduct research, provide training, and practice evidence-based study to improve human service systems. YUVA enables community participation in the process in order to reach the intervention’s main objective. We create more efficient and comprehensive research methodologies by encouraging collaboration with multiple partners. Also, we provide social welfare and public health agencies with technical support.

We believe that every child has the right to a safe childhood, free from violence. Our extensive work on ground empowers our child welfare programs and facilitates in protecting the basic human rights of the child and improve their quality of life. Our team works tirelessly towards advancing the science of safe childhood, and implement the highest standards of child care, child education and outreach programs.

An Effort To Make Our Diminishing Traditional Tribal Art and Craft Global. YUVA has made efforts to promote Dhokra at Global Level. The Dhokra art was on a decline as many artisans gave up this art due to lack of support and constant rise in raw material costs. YUVA by its efforts triggered inspiration among the artisans and provided encouragement and knowledge through strategical partnerships to regenerate the declining Dhokra art.