YUVA believes that without economic progress, there cannot be an upliftment of the underprivileged section of society.
To achieve economic progress, YUVA Promotes sustainable and inclusive livelihood, and works on generating employment opportunities through its various initiatives concentrating primarily on

Women Empowerment

YUVA works on the philosophy of totality, by creating an ecosystem that empowers women. Through our efforts the women population in Jharkhand received trainings and nurturing grounds, which provided them independence, and choices, to lead their lives. Our constant focus on creating dialogue with the rural communities play a vital role in educating and making every women aware about the growth opportunities.

Youth Empowerment

Youth being the foundation of society, YUVA believes that youth have a big role to play in bringing financial progress, social upliftment and prosperity in the society. Empowering the youth is essential for the development of the society as well as for the progress of an individual. YUVA facilitates nurturing of Underprivileged youth’s infinite talent and potential for their growth and prosperity thereby making them envoy of positive social change.