raised of ₹25,00,000

Livelihood is the most important aspect of mainstreaming and empowering people with disabilities in the community. YUVA aims to build livelihoods for people with disabilities to ensure they earn with dignity.

After pandemic, vulnerable sections of society, such as youth with disabilities, are excluded. YUVA ‘s vision is that every child/teen with a disability must have access to education and livelihood opportunities.

Our focus is to take people with disabilities out of their current cycle of poverty and into the virtual cycle of opportunity. Now it’s time for them to move on to their regular livelihoods.

We are looking for support to build a sustainable livelihood through employment and training. We request your support to help us rebuild their livelihoods. You will be the saviours on their path to a life of dignity and empowerment.


Meaningful life

Financially Independent

Access to basic food and health facilities

Better future for children and their family


Donate for Shops/Stalls for the disabled individual


Plugin Service Payment