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Children with special needs are first and foremost children who depend on basic services to survive and thrive, such as nutrition, health care, education, clean water and a protective environment.

YUVA works to prevent all forms of malnutrition by improving access to nutritious, safe, affordable and sustainable food for children with special needs. Our multidisciplinary team provides quality food, water and sanitation, health check-ups and social protection services for children with special needs and complex medical problems. Besides all these, we also provide Community based rehabilitation and mental health support to these children.

Where prevention falls short, YUVA prioritizes the early detection, treatment and care of special children to help them survive, recover, and live healthy and productive lives.

Contribute towards the goal of a healthy future for these children.

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Access to nutritious food and early intervention services

Social and economic independence due to special education

Enhanced Skills

Mentally empowered


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